Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Book Cover Designer

   I found this great new website called The Book Cover Designer. It's great for self-publishing authors that are looking for a cover for their ready-to-publish book, or ebook. I just bought my first (ebook cover) one today :) and I'm totally excited. I'm so close to self-publishing my first novel that I can taste it. Only a few more months. I hate waiting for a book to be copyrighted. 

   The website sells pre-made ebook covers that you can look through and pick the right one for you. This usually costs around $50, but right now they have a sale going on and every pre-made ebook cover is on sale for $19.95 so get your cover now!!! These pre-made ebook covers are exclusive. So when you buy one that's it, they don't sell it again.

 This is an ebook cover that is acceptable for Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, Kobo Books, etc. This cover is also exclusive, which means once it’s purchased, it will not be sold again.

   This is what they tell you with every ebook cover purchase.

   Or, if you can't find one that matches the subject of your book (or novel), you can get a custom book cover. This costs $400.

Want a custom ebook cover designed for you from scratch? to the rescue! We have an arrangement in place with Sue T., a professional graphic designer whose work you may be familiar with from her fantastic premades (samples above). For a bespoke design she charges $400 (£250). For this she will do an image search, create mockups with a minimum of four images and apply different treatments in terms of typography and if appropriate the image itself.

For a small extra fee, Sue can provide you with a version of the cover suitable for print as well.

   Link to website: The Book Cover Designer

   Hope you all have a great Christmas!!!

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