Saturday, December 8, 2012

Spencer Hill Press

   Spencer Hill Press (a publishing house) is accepting submissions from people who don't have literary agents. But only through some of the month of December (this year, 2012).

   Take the opportunity and send a submission!!! Remember to read the submission guidelines carefully!!! And check out what books they already have published!

                                              From their website.

We are now OPEN to new submissions as of Saturday, December 1st.
We plan to remain open for much of the month of December.

If you submit a query and have not yet heard back from us, it means we are still considering your manuscript. We respond to all queries we receive. If you have multiple manuscripts that you believe would be good fits for us, please pick the BEST ONE to submit first, although please feel free to mention that you have additional books you'd like us to consider when you query.

Who Can Submit Queries
We welcome queries from unpublished and previously published authors, agented or unagented.
We are interested in Young Adult, New Adult, and Middle Grade sci-fi, psych-fi, paranormal, or urban fantasy, particularly those with a strong and interesting voice. We only take on new projects that inspire us and make us want to read more. 

Our Mission
Our mission is to discover and grow the careers of talented YA authors. We commit resources to marketing our authors' work, building their "brands" and followings, as well as making them the strongest writers they can be... and then launching them as successful publishing professionals. This makes us a good fit for authors at the start of their careers. We distribute our titles through Midpoint Trade Books, and Rebecca Mancini of Rights Mix handles the sales of foreign, film, and book club rights for all of our authors. All of our titles are released in both print (usually trade paperback) and e-book formats.

What to Send
Please send a query letter and the first ten pages of your manuscript in the body of an email to Patricia Riley at: We do not accept attachments or snailmail submissions. 

                                                                 Good luck!!!

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