Thursday, December 20, 2012

Do NOT Put it Online!!!!

   DON'T POST IT ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   If you wrote a book I'm sure you want to get responses from it, but the worst thing you can do if its not copyrighted is put your book online on any of the websites like, Wattpad or Miss Literati. If you want responses about your book you could give a copy to a family member, or a really close friend that you trust, but keep a printed copy for yourself. Take it to a friend or family member that is opinionated and have them tell you what they think.
   But NEVER put it online!!! If you do, it's up for grabs for someone else. Anyone can steal it and try to publish it, or publish it themselves (self-publish).
   If it's copyrighted then you can put it online I guess . . . but I wouldn't.
   What I plan to do is, once I self-publish the series I'm writing now on Lulu, I'm going to put the first chapter on Wattpad and Miss Literati and then at the bottom I'm going to say that you can get it on your Nook, Kindle, and iPad if you go to iBooks. And then I'm going to go to Google: 'book review blogs' and send an Email asking if they could read and review my book. Like Amanda Hocking did.
   I might even get one of my friends to help me make a book trailer, if he knows how, and post it on YouTube. I want as many responses and readers as I can get. And since Miss Literati is a teen website I think that I'll get the best responses there, once I post the first chapter on there. I used to go on there all the time! If you want to check it out, my user name is Yuki15. I don't really go on there anymore though.

   Link to my profile on Miss Literati: Yuki15 Profile


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