Thursday, January 24, 2013

Believable Plot Twist

   When writing a novel, you want the reader to be blown away and surprised by your plot twist. But there are things you should avoid and be careful about.
   Predictable stories are boring, but unbelievable stories are just plan bad. You want your reader to enjoy your story, not get bored half way through, or think it's terrible. A reader's opinion can either help sell your book, or it can be your downfall.
   If you're writing a YA (young adult) novel you should know that we're very picky and opinionated when it comes to what we read. If we don't like a book we don't recommend it to our friends. If we do like it, or love it, we'll recommend it to our best friends, friends, and acquaintances.

   If you're writing a children's Kids don't really talk about books. They're too busy playing outside and stuff to think about the book they're reading. Though that doesn't apply to all children. It depends on what age group you're writing for.

   Adults talk about books. They recommend book to their friends too, but teenagers are going to be your biggest sellers.

   Anyway, we were talking about believable twists.

   The trick is to drop subtle hints throughout your writing that will add up at the perfect moment. Remember the staircase of chapters? This is exactly like that. It is like that. You slowly give small hints.
 If you get any ideas about how to go about your plot, write it down! Make a note! That way you'll remember to add it to your book. (You should keep all notes for your book in one place so you'll have easy access to them when you need them, in a desk drawer, a small box, on a bulletin board, etc).
   You can also make small notes, little details that you can sneak into your plot. (Have more than one twist, you don't want to only have one big plot twist for your book). You don't want to be too blatant about it, otherwise your readers will be able to guess what will happen, or worse, how your book will end (and that's the worst thing that can happen). Though if you don't sneak in any details, if you don't the plot twist will come out of nowhere and not make much sense.

   The twist doesn't have to happen to the main character, it can happen to the main character's best friend, family member, teacher, anyone that the main character knows. Just make sure you always surprise your reader, like I've said before, when your novel is completed, have a family member (or friend) read your book. If they think you should change something, be open, and reread what you've written and wonder how you can change whatever you think should be changed.

   The worst thing you can do is write an unbelievable plot twist.

   Predictable stories = boring

   Unbelievable stories = bad

   So you should seriously plan out the twists, and how the plot should end.

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  1. Thanks Ashley!


  2. Thanks for this blog. I just watched this movie, "Mark of the Devil." On Fox Movies yesterday. It's about a gambler who murders a tattooist. The tattooist stabs the gambler in the chest with his tattoo pen as he is choked to death.

    Later, when the gambler starts to take his shirt off, he sees that a tattoo has appeared on his chest where the tattooist stabbed him. Then he sees that the tattoo is a picture of him choking the tattooist. As time progresses, the tattoo grows and grows. He finds out that the tattooist practices voodoo and he has been cursed.

    At first, I thought, what an original plot twist. But as I continued to watch and the tattoo grew larger, I found it so comical, I could not stop laughing! When it finally covered his face and he was walking around the docks with a hat and scarf around his face, I realized that it did not work because it is not believable. Still laughing, very, very hard.

    So, this was an accidental comedy although it's supposed to be a thriller. And, that is why I agree that fiction must be believable for it to work.