Friday, January 18, 2013

About The Author (Author Biography)

   Pick up a random book from your bookshelf. Now flip to the very back pages, where they keep the pages that contain the Acknowledgements and the Author Bio. 'About The Author' is what we will be focusing on today.
   There are a few ways you can go about this. This is just to help you get ideas to figure out how to display yourself.

   You can get someone else to write your author bio page for you, if you aren't sure about what to say. Or you can get multiple people to write the page, and then pick out the best things to say, before writing a few of the best ones down. Then you'll have yourself the 'About The Author' page for your book.

   Another way you can write this page is, you can pick up a book, flip to the back page that reads 'About The Author' and read through it.

   I know for some people it's hard to talk about themselves, or to write about themselves, so those are just some ideas you can do to get some ideas. You can say where you live, where you graduated, say what kind of pets you have, that you like to read a lot, stuff like that.
   Just think about what you want to say. What you want to tell about yourself. If you feel any doubt about how, and what, you wrote, you can get a few family members, or a friend, to read over it for you. That way you can get an opinion before you add it to your book.

   Here is something else that could help you, 6 Secrets to Writing A Killer Author Bio


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