Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Teen Writers

   I know for a fact that there are teenage writers out there that want to get published. I can't be the only one. If you want to start out with something small there is a website called, Teen Ink. You can post your work on their website and try to get published. Pictures go in their magazine too.
   If the people that own the website like your work they will publish it in their Teen Ink magazine. Exciting, right? I have a few things on there, but I'm better at writing novels (in my opinion) I enjoy writing novels more.
    Anyway, if you want to get published don't give up if you get a few rejections. It's no big deal, after all J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series was rejected 8 times! You can bet everything you have that the people that rejected her got fired from their companies.

   Now, when you write your query letter and you're worried that the agent or publishing house you are sending your query letter too, there is a simple solution. Don't put your age and you will be judged by your writing like every adult.
   I plan to do an experiment soon. I'm going to send a query letter that has my age in my BIO. (You don't have to write a BIO in your query unless if you're writing nonfiction or they request it). If I remember to do it (I have a terrible memory) I will put it on here.
   I want to help bring confidence to other teenagers that write and want to get their work published. So I'm going to put two publishing houses on this post for you.



    Entangled publishing

   Send in your work! Don't twice about it, just do it! And good luck!!!


   Don't listen to those people who say teenagers suck at writing. Most of the time it isn't true, though I have seen suckish work from other teens on Teen Ink. Just ignore it, if you have full confidence in your work just send it in!

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