Monday, February 25, 2013

2 Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts & A "Publisher" To Stay Away From

   You always want to do research on publishers and literary agencies before you query them. There are multiple ways you can do that, for one (this is what I do 'cause I go in the bookstore "A LOT") you can look at the books that they've sold, or are representing. If you reccognize one as a best seller than you should go for it! Another way is you can Google them, I'd suggest both if you're just starting out.

   But anyways, here are two publishers that are accepting submissions.

   Entangled Publishing


   Send some submissions!!! Take a chance, you'll never know!

   And now a warning. I recently sent a manuscript submission to Dorrance Publishing without researching them and found out that they're a big, fat phony publisher. They're just out to get your money. So stay AWAY from them!
   See? This is what happens when you don't research a publisher. You can get stuck with someone that's out to get your money and won't do anything to help premote your book, or is just a bad publisher. Watch out for this stuff!!!

   Here's a link for the different types of publishers: Types of Publishing Companies



  1. Thanks for the advice Ashley! Hope you get a good publisher soon! :)


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  3. Thank you for the information, very helpful. I was just inquiring Dorrance. You have saved me a lot of wasted time.


  4. Another self Publishing Company to STAY FAR AWAY from is I have been trying to get my book published. Promises Promises deadlines pass no problem. Have to go thru a dozen or more people to attempt to get it done. I have gone thru Supervisors and still haven't got it finished. Now it is going to another department. The supervisor does not call me I have to play trick him to get him directly otherwise he is always at meetings, or away from desk. It is always tomorrow we will make a decision not today. This has been going on since March of 2013 this is to long from what I was originally promised it would take to publish my children's stories.